Special issue of Cultural Sociology on Field Analysis in Cultural Sociology



The special issue of Cultural Sociology on Field Analysis in Cultural Sociology edited by Mike Savage and Elizabeth B. Silva is currently available open access.



Sociology Associate Board: Call for Peer Reviewers

Sociology Associate Board Recruitment
Deadline: Friday 24 May 2013

Sociology is seeking 24 new members of the Sociology Associate Board to serve for three years from June 2013.

Sociology relies on its peer reviewers to maintain high quality scholarship. Alongside the work of members of the Editorial Board, members of the Associate Board help to ensure that the journal makes an expeditious and constructive response to journal submissions.

The Associate Board is a flexible way for individuals to become involved in the on-going success of the journal and also to engage in regular peer reviewing. It is made up of a wide variety of scholars based around the world with a broad range of areas of interest. Early career researchers are welcome to apply.

Members of the Associate Board must possess either a PhD in sociology (or a cognate social science discipline), or at least two years’ research and/or teaching experience of sociology (or a cognate subject). All candidates must have authored peer reviewed publications.

Full details, as well as the application form, are available on the BSA website.

If you would like to nominate yourself for membership of the Associate Board, please email a completed form to Chris Grieves ( by Friday 24 May 2013.

CfP: Special issue of Sociology on Sociology and the Global Crisis

Sociology and the Global Economic Crisis

Special Issue of Sociology Call for Papers
Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2013

Editorial Team:
Ana C. Dinerstein (University of Bath), Gregory Schwartz (University of Bath) and Graham Taylor (University of the West of England)

We hear it, see it, and read about it everywhere; yet, to what extent are we able to translate the quotidian reality of the global economic crisis into adequate forms of knowledge? Has the crisis highlighted important limits in our sociological imagination linked either to the subdivision of our discipline or, more fundamentally, questioned the contemporary relevance of sociology as a social science?

This Special Issue of Sociology, to be published in October 2014, invites contributions that will:

· Explore how sociology can contribute to a better understanding of (the lived experience of) the global economic crisis; and/or
· Reflect on how social processes and movements confronting the crisis can inspire a new sociological imagination.

And aims to bring together contributions that:

· Bridge disciplines
· Unsettle conventions
· Cosmopolitanise epistemologies
· Renew sociology

The Editors welcome contributions on relevant topics in any field of social science engaging with sociological research, from early career and established academics, and from those outside academia.

Queries: To discuss initial ideas or seek editorial advice, please contact the Special Issue Editors by email on

Full Call for Papers can be viewed at