Month: June 2014

Public Lecture July 21st at University of Queensland

In a large metropolis, what is governed? by Professor Patrick Le Galès, Science Po

Monday, 21 July, 2014, 3pm – 5pm


Large cities are well known for being complex; too large, with too many actors and with too much informality. The planning literature, critical urban studies and anthropologists emphasise the ungovernability of major large cities as well as the role of social movements and insurgency. Despite these difficulties, it remains that projects are developed, utility networks built, new neighbourhoods established, and policies (including social, transport and education) implemented that have great impact for populations. The paper argues that the governance of large cities is not linear, is discontinuous and does not explain their whole development. The rise of governance capacities and the developments of policies are having influence from Mexico to Delhi, from London to Sao Paolo or Istanbul.

Patrick Le Galès, CNRS Director of Research at Sciences Po’s Centre d’Etudes Européennes and professor at Sciences Po has been elected a Corresponding Fellow of the Political Science section of the British Academy. His comparative research centres mainly on questions of governance, public action, the restructuration of the state, and the detransformation of cities. His key publications include European cities, social conflict and governance, and Gouverner par les instruments., co-authored with Pierre Lascoumes



Monday 21 July 2014 3pm – 5pm


Room 116
Sir Llew Edwards Building (14) The University of Queensland St Lucia campus

Afternoon tea will be provided


Wednesday 16 July

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