REMINDER: Submit your TASA papers for themed sessions

With the refereed paper submission deadline for this year’s TASA conference extended until July 19 there is still time to get your papers polished and submitted. Remember, we are looking to put on three specific themed sessions (see below). If you would like your paper to be considered for one of these streams, please indicate this on the document you submit.

1.      The multiplication of modernity
Recent decades have seen a shift away from Eurocentric, monolithic conceptions of modernisation and modernity. Across social science disciplines including sociology and anthropology, new approaches have focused on diverse modern social formations and sought to articulate a more pluralistic understanding of them. Important examples are the emerging paradigm of ‘multiple modernities’ and Southern Theory. The pluralisation of theories and analyses of modernity they have helped to generate is one of the most important outcomes of the ‘cultural turn’ in social theory and theorising. We invite theoretical and empirical papers examining diverse experiences of and perspectives on ‘being modern’, to contribute to a panel on this trend.

2.      Digital Sociology
The increasing integration of new media technologies into modern societies has vast implications for the production, analysis and communication of sociological knowledge. It affects cultural practices, relations and understandings of self. It also opens up new tools through which these objects of sociological inquiry can be analysed. We invite reflections on the role of the digital in modern culture as well as on how digital tools can be used for sociological analysis and the dissemination of research. In this session we will consider whether we need to reimagine both, the object of sociological analysis and the tools of the trade, to capture this digital turn in modern culture.

3.      Space/Place
Within cultural sociology there has always been an interest in the relationship of space or place to the specific cultural forms that occupy our interest. Whether it be airport lounges, church grounds, sporting venues, politically important places or exquisite landscapes, the negotiation of space is important for understanding the self and its role in society. In this session we seek to further identify these using empirical and theoretical insights to illuminate the role of space and place in cultural sociology.

As mentioned previously, please feel free to submit papers on any cultural sociology-related theme.

We are looking forward to your submissions!


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