Some useful and funny reads on academic practice

Hi fellow Cultural Sociology enthusiasts,

we have curated a few reads for you around effective academic practice and the perks and pitfalls of being in academia. We hope you’ll find them useful. (If you don’t want to read them all, at least check out nr. 4.  Promise you will chuckle and be able to relate to at least some of these…!)

1. Tending your Ideas Garden – a blogpost on the new Digital Sociology blog by the BSA that reminds us to scrapbook all our ideas as we may find use in them later on. A little bit like the ancient Greek practice of self-writing, using a hypomnemata, explored by Foucault as a technique of self, perhaps…

2. Making Time Not to Think – Making sure we schedule down-time into our busy, busy routines and create spaces for not-thinking – and often that’s when you have your best ideas! Again comparable to another ancient practice of self: meditation. Practicing self-care through techniques of self, as Foucault described it (see e.g. Foucault, 1986; 2005).

3. Deborah Lupton’s 30 tips for successful academic research and writing – some useful tips that go through things like planning a research schedule, making a start, being efficient and connecting with others for inspiration.

4. Finally, 21 Things academics hate – just for a laugh…! Let us know which ones you can relate to most.

Have you got any other useful articles or your own tips to share? Let us know in the comments

Foucault, M. (1986) The Care of the Self: The History of Sexuality, Vol. 3. New York: Random House.
Foucault, M. (2005) The Hermeneutics of the Subject – Lectures at the Collège de France 1981-1982. New York: Picador.

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