Cultural Sociology meeting at TASA conference

The annual TASA conference is almost here, along with the annual meeting of the Cultural Sociology thematic group. Our meeting is a lunch time meeting at 12.30 – 1.30 on Thursday December 1, and will be in the Cummings Room in City Hall.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1. Welcome to the Meeting.

2. Review of 2011 Year
(a) The Ron Jacobs Public Lecture held in June with TASA and Thesis 11.
(b) The provision of two postgraduate scholarships for this even to Ms Theresa Sauter and Ms Geraldine Donoghue.
(c) The establishment of the Blog to replace the newsletter and the loss of the website – maybe show the blog. Encourage members to make use of the blog as a site that will potentially become a hub for cultural sociology in Australia in the future.
(d) The loss of Kate Maher (temporary) as a member of the convening team and the addition of Theresa Sauter after a competitive process – elected without competition.

3. Ideas for 2012 to plan for from the floor.
(a) Last year – it was proposed that we consider an international conference/workshop with Griffith’s Cultural Sociology school (Andy Bennett). Is that still being considered?
(b) Ideas for an edited collection in Australian Cultural Sociology?
(c) Ideas for TASA TG Thematic Group funding in 2012? Workshop? Mini conference?
(d) Any other ideas from the floor.

4. Any other business from the floor.

5. Close Meeting.

Last year we had a fantastic turn out, and we hope to see many of you there again this time around.


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